Sunday, June 20, 2010

World Cup Results for June 19 and 20

No post yesterday, it was a lazy day, plus nothing really exciting happened in the World Cup. Netherlands held off Japan, the Socceroos managed a tie against Ghana with 10 men, and Denmark eliminated Cameroon with a victory.

Sunday, however, was another story. New Zealand managed to tie Italy, even holding a lead for awhile. This World Cup has been truly crazy. Italy, Germany, Spain and France have all had disappointing showings, with France's soccer federation now in shambles and Les Bleus all but elminated. North Korea scored on Brazil. It's been nuts. In the other two games, Brazil blew out Côte d'Ivoire, complete with yet another controversial call, and Paraguay downed Slovakia.

Game Summaries

Saturday, June 19

Netherlands 1:0 Japan

Ghana 1:1 Australia

Cameroon 1:2 Denmark

Sunday, June 20

Slovakia 0:2 Paraguay

Italy 1:1 New Zealand

Brazil 3:1 Côte d'Ivoire

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