Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup Results for June 13

Australia pretty much eliminated themselves today, giving up 4 goals. Even if they end up tied for second in the group, I'm thinking this four goal differential will just be too much to overcome and they would slide to third. The fact that Slovenia picked won doesn't leave much room for error for the US and England. A tie might not be enough to ensure second place with Slovenia picking up 3 points today. We're going to need to beat both Algeria and Slovenia to be on the safe side. Ghana, a lot of people's sleeper pick, justified that today with a late penalty kick goal to get the win.

On a personal note, what a great weekend. I got a knock on the door around 11:30 on Friday night, and when I opened it, Dayna was there. She drove 6 hours to Vermont from New Jersey to surprise me with a weekend visit. She rules.

Game Summaries

Germany 4:0 Australia

Serbia 0:1 Ghana

Algeria 0:1 Slovenia

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