Sunday, May 2, 2010

Driving Range

One great thing about living in Vermont is that no matter where you are, the view is usually spectacular. The Okemo Valley Golf Course is no different. I checked you the driving range Sunday May 2 on a gorgeous 80 degree day. The great thing about the range is not only do they have the driving portion, but they have a rather large practice green, complete with fringe, chipping area and bunker. I ended up with a rather large blister on my thumb, but it was great to get outside and actually do something.


  1. I'm not scientist, but that golf ball is almost as big as that mountain, watch out for giant golfers dude

  2. Lucky for me, I went on a Sunday, and, Per Rule 381, Section V, Subsection 1.c of the Giant Code of Conduct (GCoC): "No Giant shall leave his dwelling on the day of the Sun." Keep that in mind next time you hit the links.