Thursday, February 18, 2010

Halfpipes and Rocks

Shaun White snowboard
Shaun goin' huuuuuge

The Olympic halfpipe competition is over, and I gotta say, it lived up to the hype. The uniforms were first class (who doesn't want those pants?), Shaun White won gold, and managed the pull off the Double McTwist in competition – on a victory lap. Unnecessary? Yes. Awesome? You bet. Scotty Lago, from New Hampshire, won bronze for the Americans. Vermont girls Hannah Teter and Kelly Clark both medaled, silver and bronze respectively. Torah Bright an Aussie, won gold in the Women’s pipe throwing down a sick run. Hannah grew up riding Okemo – it’s kinda cool knowing that Olympians (Ross Powers as well) rode the same trails I do. Congrats to the Vermont riders, and a big ups to the US on the continuing dominance of the halfpipe – 4 out of 6 medals ain’t bad.

I’d love to embed a video of some sort, but NBC really sucks at this allowing access thing – how is withholding content from viewers a good thing? You can't even save pictures from their website - NBC fail.

I’ll be starting my own Olympic quest this Sunday in Rutland. I’m going to a curling clinic this Sunday, so my path to Sochi begins at the Giorgetti Arena. Updates will follow.

Norway Curling
Another example of fine Olympic Uniform pants.

Kevin Martin Canada Curling
Yes, sadly this man is an Olympic athlete. Ohhhhh, Canada!

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