Saturday, February 27, 2010

Okemo Light the Night Rail Jam

Just got back from the Okemo Light the Night Rail Jam, and I gotta say, the talent up here is impressive. There were 3 features (gap to flat/down box, lift pole jawnz, down rail) set up at the bottom of Bull Run (at the base) and a few categories to compete in. The fire department provided the lights and used the event as a fundraiser. Ross Powers even made an appearance as a judge. The eventual winner put the competition away with a front flip off the LPJ, and everyone was pretty much riding for second after he stomped that. Still, overall, everyone killed it. I didn't really know what to expect, and I figured I'd check it out for a half hour or so and head home. I ended up staying the whole time, amazed at what I was seeing. I tried taking some pics/video of the rail jam, but my camera phone just isn't cutting it. Definitely gotta get a camera very soon. Here are some pics that came out somewhat visible. There were plenty of people there filming, as soon as I can find some videos I'll link to 'em.

I'm off to check out the rail jam after party at Killarney, but to any snowboarders reading this, check out Shred Union. It's a pretty cool site, we were able to organize a SU meet up with a bunch of people who are riding Okemo Sunday. Should be a good time, the site's definitely worth a look.

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