Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So, I now know why people go to Starbucks and work. I'm so much more productive when I attempt to get things done outside of my apartment. I might have to start going to Java Baba's on Sundays to get things done. Anyway, I went to Killington and Sugarbush last Sunday to get what's left of spring riding. And to use my free pass to Sugarbush and Express Card at Killington, which I neglected to use all year. First I'll put up the pics from Killington, tomorrow will come the Sugarbush pictures. Killington had 13 trails open when I went, but really only a few top to bottom runs. The main run, Superstar, apparently started out groomed, but by the time i got there in the afternoon it was all sorts of bumped up, with headwalls 4 feet high everywhere. Not good for me. Still had a good time, they had pretty decent snow for this time of year. There were some bald patches on the open trails, but for the most part there was pretty good coverage.

***Contest Update***
I won! I won the Cabot Burton Custom from Ride Vermont! Very excited.


Superstar from the parking lot.

View from the top.

And again.

And yet again.

Winter fades away...

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