Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2010 Burton US Open

The 2010 Burton US Open at Stratton was Saturday March 20th and even a Shaun White no show (he says he was sick, I heard around the comp that he didn't like the snow after his practice session the day before) couldn't put a damper on the day. The weather was gorgeous (hello sunburn) and the runs thrown down were insane. Watching a double cork on TV is one thing - seeing it in person is a whole different experience. Seeing three in a row? I'll let the pics tell the story.

Men's Halfpipe Results

1) Kazuhiro Kokubo - JPN - 97.17
2) Louie Vito - USA - 96.17
3) Iouri Podladtchikov - SUI - 96

Needless to say, with scores like that this competition was out of control. I honestly think the runs here were better than what was at the Olympics. When guys like Scotty Lago and overall Burton Global Open Series champion Peetu Piiroinen don't make the podium, you know it was sick.

Women's Halfpipe Results

1) Kelly Clark - USA - 94.17
2) Kaitlyn Farrington - USA - 90.33
3) Ellery Hollingsworth - USA - 86.33

The American women went huge to sweep the podium - Kelly Clark even tried for the first 1080 in women's pipe history on her victory lap, but couldn't nail it. I have a feeling it won't be long before that's a staple in her run.

Now, on to the pics...

Yep, Paul Mitchell is a sponsor - thanks again for participating, Shaun

End of the slope style course - cannon off the end of the edge of the Earth


Dude's about to land in the parking lot

Peetu wayyy up there

If you weren't upside down, you just weren't cool

Even security was like daaaayuhhhhm


The two best dressed guys at the Open

The full album of pics will be up soon, probably tomorrow night. Here are the rest of the 2010 Burton US Open results.

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